Sunday, 10 May 2015

Goodbye Bangalore!

I recently discovered that procrastination is a by-product of writer's block. Ever since I left Bangalore, I have been procrastinating a lot when it comes to writing, which, I realize, is not at all fair. Now, after a gap close to two months, I'm here to write about my 'stay' at Bangalore. 

Earlier, I would have written an article Bang Bang Bangalore in my blog stating every negative aspect of the city. If you ask me whether I have changed my perception about Bangalore, my answer would be 'No'.  I still hate Bangalore as much I used to hate it before - reason(s): air pollution, cost of living & traffic. This article from DNA India states that Bangalore is ranked as the second most polluted city in India, next to Delhi. It's obvious for Bangalore to be listed in top 5 most polluted cities, because the population of the city has grown from 80 lakh to 1 crore just in a span of 4 years, which means lot of people have migrated to this 'almost congested' city making it 'extremely congested' (and, I was one among them). Migration of people leads to increase in utilization of resources, which in turn leads to exhaustion of the same. For instance, the area where I stayed was dumped with several multi-storeyed apartments (most of them were paying guest accommodation) and I witnessed the electrical transformer going rogue everyday (poor thing couldn't handle the load).  

Now that I am out of Bangalore, I don't wish to dig deeper into its cons. In this post, I'll be listing out the things that relished my stay. 

Interstellar in IMAX
Watching Christopher Nolan's movie in the first few days of its release that too on an IMAX screen isn't an easy task. I would say that I was lucky enough to be a part of those audience who had the chance to experience the visual extravaganza on IMAX screen on the second day of its release. Watching Interstellar on IMAX screen was the most relishing experience I had during my stay at Bangalore. 

Watched on: Saturday, November 8, 2014
Ticket price: Rs. 400 per ticket + Booking charge (I guess it was Rs. 30)